Alternative Finance

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A solution for small businesses, such as Start-Ups or limited companies that may be seeking additional funding options. These funding options aren’t provided by mainstream banks, therefore it enables businesses to fulfill their current funding needs more quickly and on occasions, on more reliable grounds. At times, a much faster and smoother solution.

Providing support to businesses with diverse portfolios and staggered growth plans.

Term Loans

An agreement with the lender on the amount required interest rate and the desired repayment plan is agreed upon.  Ideal for seasonal businesses and businesses with short-term growth plans. Also highly suited to businesses that have a strong trading history and proven profitability.

Also known as a bridging loan or cash-flow loan.

Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Lending

This provides companies with an array of options and offers easier access to funding solutions. Therefore creating a more beneficial arrangement between all parties. At times, this may involve investors taking a small percentage of equity in the company or lenders loaning money and earning interest on repayments (peer-to-peer lending). 

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